Hunger Scarier than Corona?

The sudden lockdown due to scary Corona has rendered migrant daily-wagers jobless and homeless overnight. Many of them wanting return to their distant villages, are stranded due to being stopped by the local authorities. Also affected are the underprivileged street dwellers who depend on the society for their survival.
With all eateries and other means of food being shut, stranded migrants and underprivileged are starving. Fearing that starvation may kill them before Corona, they find hunger scarier than Corona!
ISKCON has been taking a lead step in addressing the issue of hunger by supplying meals to the stranded migrants and the underprivileged during the current lockdown.
Come, join hands with ISKCON in comforting the scared migrants and the underprivileged street dwellers by offering them a meal to strengthen them to fight the dreaded enemy Corona.
If you think you can help by supporting our noble cause, then please click on the link to donate...